Razz Ma Tazz 2018 - 2019

Rowe High School’s Razz Ma Tazz ensemble is the Rio Grande Valley’s premier show choir.  This season the ensemble was pleased to present 14 performances throughout the valley, 21 performances in all!  Razz Ma Tazz offers a variety of traditional Christmas songs and popular holiday tunes such as “Holiday Road”, “Someday at Christmas” & many more.  Razz Ma Tazz is an auditioned ensemble consisting of 16 talented 10th - 12th grade students and has been a strong tradition at Rowe High School for 28 years.  


*Photo Credit - Ray Pedraza

Thank you Mr. Pedraza for all of the wonderful photos of videos of Razz Ma Tazz!


Click Below for Razz Ma Tazz 2018 Christmas Performances