SuperTalk Episode 19: Join us for a compelling conversation about Covid-19 between Dr. J.A. Gonzalez and local health professional Jonsete Reyna, FNP-C.
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SuperTalk EP:19
SuperTalk Episode 18: Dr. Gonzalez addresses Phase-In Questions Please join Dr. J.A. Gonzalez and Jake Berry as they go through a second series of questions regarding the McAllen ISD Return to Traditional School Phase-In Plan.
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Dr. J.A. Gonzalez
Student Outreach
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At our Grab & Go feeding sites in our community, our loving staff from the Food Services Department are carefully preparing meals, our nurses are closely monitoring their health, and our police officers are keeping them safe. Other members of these teams are working with our Transportation Department to feed even more children through our Meals on Wheels Program. Thank you all! #DistrictOfChampions #DistanceLearning #WeGotThis
8 months ago, McAllen ISD
#DistrictOfChampions #DistanceLearning #WeGotThis
8 months ago, McAllen ISD
Our Superintendent joins Food Services personnel to help dispense meals today. We appreciate our amazing nutrition, transportation and police teams that are helping feed the community! #DistrictOfChampions #DistanceLearning #WeGotThis
8 months ago, McAllen ISD
Food Services personnel with McAllen Superintendent
Welcome to the new website and mobile app for McAllen!
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